It is a 24 Steel boned corset, Custom made for women of all sizes and shapes for health and beauty purposes. The corset is designed to give the user the hour glass figure and a cinched stomach with consistency.

To know the best type for you, You have to first take accurate (No added or removed inches) measurement of the following parts of your body;
Under your breast (Wrap the tape directly around your under bust, make sure the tape is neither to tight nor too lose
Waist at belly button: The tape should be placed directly at the point where you have your belly button and wrapped around your stomach without moving from that point.
Hip at Pant line: Place the Tape just above your pelvic bone (If you have a FUPA), raise it up in order to get an apt measurement.
Torso Length: Your Torso Length is the length from under your breast to the top of your pelvic area (Pelvic bone).

Shipping takes 24 Hours within Lagos
48 to 72 Hours outside Lagos
5 days outside Nigeria

There’s a 24 hours return policy where the customer bears the extra cost of return and delivery of a new corset.

The corset is not your regular corsets that warp easily or fold. It’s 24 steel boned. Cost of production is pretty high in order to provide quality.

A lot of women start to see result almost immediately; Results are completely dependent on your body type. But you are most likely to start seeing very significant result with consistent usage in the third week.

Seasoning is the time it takes for your body to slowly break into the shape of the corset, during this period, your body will also adjust to the pressure of the corset. This is not closing up the corset. Complete seasoning takes a total of 21 days.

YES! Seasoning is compulsory in order for the steel bones to mold to your shape.

When your corset closes, it’s a sign that you need a new size, as your waist has reduced a lot compared to when you started waist training.

YES! You can pay in 3 installments after which your corset is shipped to you. First installment is a commitment for reservation. You may not pull out of the installment program as there are no refunds.

We have a waist training Facebook Closed group and a WhatsApp group where you can communicate and share experiences and difficulties with other users.

YES! As with the Big stomach, the back fat eventually disappears with consistency

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